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“Elizabeth Stark is one of the most astute readers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with . . . She’s smart, clear, gentle, and encouraging in her approach . . . From now on, any new work of mine will go first to Elizabeth for her guidance and suggestions.” — Ellen Sussman, author of the bestselling novel, On a Night Like This

* Momentum. Sustain daily momentum with encouragement, supportive structure and accountability.
* Mastery. Strengthen your craft mastery with insightful lectures, rich discussions and careful response to your work.
* Commitment and Community. Write a book that you and others love within a community and within a time frame and with a warm and intelligent coach.

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Available Courses

  • It may or may not be too late to have a happy childhood, depending on bumber sticker lore, but it's never too late to plan your book. Whether you have only a vague hope, a spark of an idea or whether you have a full draft, the path of this course will take you through crucial creative exploration of what matters to you as a writer and a reader as well as the building of a strong, effective frame for your story. Start with a generous heart and end with a concrete plan for a book you love that will change your life.

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